Fatigue testing at Rosswag Engineering

🛠️ At Rosswag Engineering, we're revolutionizing fatigue testing with our innovative system! 💪
Compared to traditional laboratories, our solution offers a quicker, more cost-effective but reliable testing solution.

Laboratory Testing Inc. (LTI) recently invested $3 million to expand its fatigue testing lab, reflecting the growing demand for comprehensive materials testing in aerospace, space, defense, and Additive Manufacturing sectors. While LTI's capabilities are commendable, our system provides a competitive edge in terms of efficiency and affordability.

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Fatigue testing is crucial for assessing material performance under diverse conditions, ensuring the reliability of components in mission-critical projects. With our solution, engineers can conduct strain-controlled fatigue testing across various temperatures with ease.

At Rosswag Engineering, we echo this sentiment by providing high-quality, advanced testing solutions tailored to our clients' requirements: www.rosswag-engineering.com

In addition to fatigue testing, Rosswag Engineering offers a comprehensive range of testing procedures, including metal powder characterization, structural analysis and non-destructive testing: www.rosswag-engineering.com

Join us in embracing innovation and efficiency in material testing. Contact us to learn more about how our system can benefit your projects! 💡💼

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