Metal AM materials at scale

#Metal AM materials at scale 📏📈 #MaterialsMonday
400 materials for forging vs. 40 materials for #3dprinting 😮

We see the lack of #MetalAM industrialization every day, when we compare the materials inventory between #Metal AM and forging in quantity and weight.

But what is the root cause❓

We see an increasing demand for special #MetalAM materials for new applications and products. But the industrialization of #MetalAM is lagging behind because nobody wants to take the costs and risks for the complexity in material qualification projects.

Our vision since 2014 ➡️ Build the world's most efficient qualification framework for new #MetalAM materials to satisfy on-demand needs within agile and innovative development processes 🚀

⚙️ Holistic in-house process chain with small-batch metal powder atomization
📅 Initial results after 2-4 weeks ➡️ No time and resources wasted ❗
🤓 Science-oriented with DoE and process simulation software
✅ Qualification process chain validated on more than 40 LPBF materials
🤝 All material and data from one single source

#additivemanufacturing #3dprinting #innovation

- Exclusive #MetalAM materials by Rosswag Engineering:
- New milestone achieved with 60,000 #MetalAM parts produced since 2014 with 40 different materials: